Did You Read The Sign?

Dog walker

Out of Bounds

Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs. Okay, maybe not all dogs. Not overly fond of those little rat sized ones who bark incessantly in a ear piercing, high-pitched squeal while lunging to nip at your toes. Also not much of a fan of overly big pooches who can silently glare without blinking, all the while making you feel like their next meal. Usually give crotch sniffers a wide path too. Dogs with sissified names like ‘Fluffy’ or ‘Babykins’ who are ranked higher in the family than the two legged offspring leave me cold. But I really enjoy border collies and their closet relatives. Their go-go attitude can be inspiring.

However, I do wish owners – or the two legged Moms and Dads trailing behind on the leash – would respect areas where bylaws prohibit dogs entirely. Both east and west beach, along the White Rock waterfront, plus the walkway are plastered with signs restricting dogs even when on a leash. This restriction only covers about 2 kilometres. Further west another 3 kilometres of oceanfront is a virtual off leash dog heaven. Why the prohibited stretch. Mostly because dog owners tend to follow Pareto’s Law – the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent faithfully pick doggie droppings while twenty percent smirk at anyone watching and walk away from the steaming pile. So one, it comes down to a health matter with so many kids playing at the beach and on the grass. And two, most people are so busy looking out at the ocean they fail to watch where their stepping. Trying to clean the bottom of your footwear definitely detracts from the enjoyment of an ocean side walk.

I put the question to the passing border collie and he agreed, but the dense humans with him believed themselves special and above the law.


7 thoughts on “Did You Read The Sign?

  1. Oh, I coulda written these words.. Dogs, or rather some dog owners drive me nuts… Especially here in Mexico… Dogs are taken to the beach, by the tourists, and let off leash to do their business and not a stoop and scoop to be seen. AND.. So many are those ratty yapping chihuahuas, there are 3 across the narrow street from my apartment who yap all night… (Climbing off soapbox now)… Enjoyed your rant.

  2. I’m a dog owner who gets what your post is about. I try to keep to remote areas where people do not tend to tred. Ive never taken our dogs to populated beaches. I don’t want the hassle of keeping an eye on everyone. Dogs primarily.

    • Thanks. The post was partially in jest but it is annoying to watch people disobey well marked restrictions. White Rock has a two mile long promenade and beach which are heavily used by families on weekends and summer. Off to the west are almost 4 miles of walkable beach to take dogs for an outing and all owners have to do is watch for other dogs. Contrary to popular thought, a good number of dogs are not overly sociable. 🙂

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