Squishy Aversion


Crap, we are into the winter rain season and the running gets wet. I didn’t even check closely enough peering out into the pre dawn, I missed the drops pouring down. Only when I stepped out the exit door did I finally realize the wet stuff was descending. By that time it was too late to back out; so forward I slogged to the my starting line. It wasn’t all too bad. As usual, once you get wet you tend to ignore the problem. Glasses fogging up and covered with drops are ¬†impediments that you learn to deal with by moving meditation. Watching at corners for cars becomes a higher priority. Fog appears to impede their operators and cause some mild brain freeze or unfocuses their seeing apparati.

Dealing with puddles remains an ongoing problem. Strickly for my feet. As the rain slowly soaks straight through to skin everywhere else, it retreats to being a minor annoyance unless it’s a severely cold rain. Lucky me today, we are being targeted by the pineapple express from the vicinity of Hawaii, so the water tends to be up in the 5 degree celsius range – brisk shower temperature. Back to my feet. I have an aversion to squishy toes. Not only does it become uncomfortable, but it often leads to crinkly skin and on rare occasions – a nasty blister. Starting out, all I can spot are huge puddles of water everywhere which I treat like quicksand or dog poop – avoidance at all cost. Works for awhile as I literally dance my way down the sidewalks and tiptoe at the corners.

Alas. In time my runners fail me. Despite my fancy running technique the water seeps through each gap, breathing mesh and stitch until I feel the dreaded initial squish. Then I simply give up, pick a straight line and go for it. Sooner I get home, the quicker I can free my poor tootsies from the insipid moisture, towel them dry and encase them in warm, toasty socks.


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