“Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.”
― Buckminster Fuller

Never have been sure what to do with this blog. Sometime in 2003 I started a blog on Live Journal but they kept complicating the site generally due to their need to raise money. So I transferred most of the entries over to Windows Live Spaces until they decided to wrap up the blogging platform in 2010. WordPress made it easy to import all the posts into a new blog with them; therefore, Past the Tipping Point was born. Somewhere along the way I removed some posts, made others private and basically let it go to sleep. Since then I’ve pretty well ignored the site until last month when I decided to start a new blog – Simply Photos – which I planned out ahead of time. Found it much easier to simplify things by sticking to photos with short comments. Pleased with my decision.
However, I’m considering reviving this one because I’ve begun some planning and pruning down as to what kind of blog it will be. For that reason I renamed the site to give me a fresh start. Now back to the drawing board.


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